Şahin Demir Sanayi started the sector with transportation jobs in 1995.Afterwards started steel&iron trade in 1999 and get manufactured style iron and steel.İn 2003 ,Şahin Demir Sanayi bought rolling mill plant in Karabük New İndustrial Section.Between 2003 and 2008 Company made own manufactured products.Besides that continued buying and selling because of insufficient production.

            İn 2008 ,Şahin Demir Sanayi decided to make investment for new bigger rolling plant and therefore purchased plant field in Karabük Organized Section.This investment has not completed yet.Total area of the plant is 25.000 m2 and 10.000 m2 closed area was completed.Hot rolling plant,wrought iron and cold drawing investments are planned on this area.70.000 ton/year production is aimed the end of this investment.

           Şahin Demir Sanayi still continues buying and selling square iron,lama iron,profile and wrought iron.Also Şahin Demir Sanayi transports these products with own truck fleet.Target of Şahin Demir Sanayi is to increase capacity and variation.Furthermore Şahin Demir Sanayi would like to serve internal and external market.